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20 Essential Oils for Sex – Natural Ways to Boost Your Libido

by Robyn

There is a mountain of medication that promises a quick fix for your sexual woes, but if you prefer a more natural approach, or simply one that smells better, why not try some essential oils for your sex drive?

Aside from being (mostly) affordable, they’re multipurpose. So, you’ll be able to use them for other things around your house as well.


There are a few avenues that this natural medicine can help your sex life…


Since stress is one of the biggest libido killers, any oil that helps relax you will be invaluable. Use anxiety-killing scents while you’re cuddling with your partner to help increase bonding levels. Or, put them in key areas of the house that need some calming.


These plants have natural and medicinal properties. Lavender, for example, is an anti-bacterial plant as well as an anti-fungal. The concentrated versions that are essential oils are great for the body.

There are also spiritual aspects that are associated with each one – things like “sexual energies”. Even if you don’t believe this, you can still use them in the scientific ways they been proven to work. 


Smells can bring about individual reactions and emotions. For example, some people might find the smell of the ocean exhilarating while others find it icky? Essential oils can do the same thing. Find one that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and use it to lift your mood.


There are limits to everything, and plant oils are no exception.

Low sex drive can come from poor diet, lifestyle choices (like smoking or drug use), lack of confidence, physical or emotional traumas. There are also hormone imbalances or changes. And let’s not forget the side effects of medications.

And, while using essential oils can definitely be helpful, they won’t be an immediate fix-all for serious problems. Think of them more as complimentary. 


  • Always, ALWAYS do an allergy spot test on the inside of the arm when using an oil you’ve never tried before.
  • Also, with the exception of lavender, essential oils should NEVER be put directly on the skin (in their pure form). They should always be diluted in a carrier oil, such as almond or grapeseed etc.
  • Essential oils should NEVER be ingested. Never. No drops in your tea or under your tongue like some sites might suggest. For starters, the concentration of the oil is too high. Second, these oils are not certified safe for direct ingestion or cullinary use. Period.
  • Always consult a doctor if you have an existing health problem and you want to start using essential oils.


  1. Skin contact in the form of a moisturizing regiment or a relaxing, romantic massage from your partner (which can also help build sexual awareness). Or, if you blend your own oils, make your own perfume and dab some on your neck and wrists (reapplying throughout the day).

Learn more about the art of sensual massage…

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  1. Inhalation from oil burners, scented candles, or diffusers. You can scent different rooms. For example, relaxation for your office space, energizing for the kitchen, sensual atmosphere for the bedroom.
  1. Have a hot bath with a couple drops of oil and soak your stress away. Or, if you want to build intimacy, have a bath with your partner.
  1. Scent your bedsheets by adding a couple drops to a tissue and gently wiping the head of the mattress (where your head will rest). Remember, never drop oil directly on fabric. Aside from staining, the scent will be too strong. Alternatively, you can slip the oil lined tissue under your sheets or in your pillowcase an hour or two before going to bed.


1. ROSE – Traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, it also has anti-anxiety can calming properties. Any kind will do, but the strongest smelling version will be Damask (a rose found in Morocco). Take care though, it’s a bit pricey and should be used sparingly.

2. JASMIN – It’s performed well in studies, with participants feeling more alert and uplifted after just a couple of drops. It also aids with depression and stress-related exhaustion. Very floral and a favorite among women. Also, a bit pricey.

3. CLARY SAGE – Great for hormonal imbalances and boosting the libido. Helps improve creativity and promotes euphoria. Clary sage is always on every list for sexual and sensual oils.

4. YLANG YLANG – Has a wonderful floral scent. Mixes well with woody oils like Sandalwood. It’s at the top of the list for sexual energy, erotic intensity, and all-around aphrodisiacal nature.

5. NEROLI – This oil comes from orange blossoms. It combats frigidity, reduces blood pressure, and increases sexual desire. A good choice if your sex drive has dipped because of hormones.

6. FENNEL – Great for periods and pregnancy, it also has similar effects on the body as estrogen – hence the libido boost.

7. SANDALWOOD – Utilized for over 4000 years, it’s one of the oldest known perfumes. A strong tension reliever and muscle relaxant. This sacred oil is used in India and combined with Rose to create “aytar”. A sexual restorative that is popular among men.

8. AMYRIS – Also known as West Indian Sandalwood, it holds the same properties as its sister spices, however, the Indian version has a more potent and immediate smell. But since it’s often harvested illegally, there might be some ethical reasons for consumers to choose the Pacific alternative.

9. ROSEWOOD – Alluring, confident, and calm – rosewood promotes positivity. And since we all know how a little black raincloud can dampen our bedroom fires, it’s a good choice to have in your blends.

10. CARDAMOM – Part of Indian and Chinese medicine for over 3000 years, it’s another ancient and sacred ingredient that can be used to relieve mental fatigue and calm the nervous system.

11. CEDARWOOD – Fantastic for massage oils, especially since it aids in warming and alleviating stress. Gentle on the body and the mind.

12. PATCHOULI – Great for positivity and mental wellbeing. It also has natural and powerful sedating effects; hence the secondary benefit of reducing stress and anxiety.

13. LAVENDER – This plant is famous for stress-relieving properties. But, did you know that it’s also one of the top powerhouses in the essential oil world? Antiseptic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, hormone balancing, reproductive system aid, and more. If you’re going to have one oil in your house that will be a catch-all for your problems, it should be this one.

14. GERANIUM – Balances emotions and hormones as well as promotes blood flow (increases circulation by enlarging capillaries). Great for clearing negativity.

15. CINNAMON – If you’re feeling drained of energy, try cinnamon. It aids in stimulation (adding a boost to your energy reserves and therefore your sex drive). It’s also great for the skin, circulation system, and the nervous system.

16. GINGER – Well known for adding heat (eat some if you don’t believe me). It’s great for the male senses and sexual energy. Secondary benefits include improved digestion and relief from muscle aches. Not to be used if suffering from hormone-related cancers.

17. BERGAMOT – It’s stimulating and “opening” to the flows of energy and self-acceptance. Use this to reduce stress, anxiety, tension, and negative influences.

18. CLOVE – You might be used to clove powder in your Christmas cooking, but clove essential oil is another powerful libido booster.

19. BASIL – Yep, you find it in your kitchen, but the oils are a different story. It has antioxidant and antianxiety properties. Helps eliminate toxins. Current lab studies show benefits for male rats (in the testicular department).

20. BLACK PEPPER – A warm and spicy oil (but pricey), it stimulates the appetite for sustenance and sex. Great for enhancing the libido and improving circulation (and blood for sex drive is a good thing). Boost sexual tiredness. It’s a potent oil, so don’t use it for more than a couple days in a row.


There’s no right or wrong combination when it comes to essential oils. You can go for entirely floral or all musky/woody … and everything in between. There are tons of recipes on the internet, but they involve having an extensive collection on hand.


If you’re new to this world, pop over to your local health food or supplement shop and go through their test bottles. Have a whiff of each and see what piques your interest. Then buy a simple carrier oil. 

If your budget is limited, I would suggest a starter pack of Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and then maybe Sandalwood or Geranium.

TIP: You can test combinations by adding various drops to cotton buds or wipes, putting each one in its own ziplock bag, and taking a sniff after a few minutes. If you’re doing several experiments, take time in between each smell test to let your senses clear. Experts sometimes use coffee to “clear the palate”.

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What are some of your favorite essential oils? Share in the comments.

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