Blow Up Dolls - Buyer's Guide and Reviews for Kinky Balloons

Face of blow up doll with mouth open



The minute you type “sex doll” into a browser or Amazon (aside from deleting your search history immediately afterward) you’ll have a galactic-sized avalanche of hits ranging from Onaholes to human-sized silicone figures (soulless eyes included at no extra charge).




When you change it to “inflatable dolls”, the computer has a digital-seizure or a frantic, confused fit and throws a random mix of results onto the screen. 


The internet just can’t seem to make up its mind about what an inflatable doll is … or businesses are just being assholes with their Google keyword searches.


You will find the following...


AIR DANCERS – The wiggling, scary-ass clowns that sit in front of car dealerships distracting drivers into accidents.


SILICONE DOLLS – Does not inflate AT ALL, the price difference is astronomical.


INFLATABLE SEX DOLLS – Our focus today - inflatable humanoids, good for gag gifts or low-cost masturbation devices.





You have two (sometimes three) to choose from:


  • VINYL - Very durable but has seams and creases


  • LATEX - No creases, softer, but can tear easily, some people have latex allergies


  • TPR or ABS - Accessories or extra pieces can be made from these





Because of their inexpensive nature, it’s easy to print or sculpt whoever’s (celebrity) face onto your balloon friend.


Some even use other material just for the head, hands, feet, and genitals so they look more realistic. You can also get things like pocket pussies or Onaholes to put into the vaginal cavity for increased sensations (just make sure the hole is big enough to accommodate the sleeve and the stick).


Not sure about pocket pussies? Learn more here:

Pocket Pussies - Essential Buyer's Guide


I also read an interesting article about stuffing your doll (obvious joke aside).


You can cut tiny slits (preferably in places that aren’t going to bend that much) into your doll and fill it with something soft like poly-pellets, fiberfill, or cotton polyester, and then tape it up after.


I would not recommend taking it to build-a-bear and using their stuffing machine (unless you like jail).





Green check mark  Easy to store – Perfect if space is limited or you have to hide it


Green check mark  They are cheap – Real dolls start at $1000,  inflatable ones at 15.


Green check mark  Weight – Light as air while real dolls are heavy


Green check mark  Lube – Just needs regular lube and normal re-application


Green check mark  Cleaning – Easy if it’s vinyl, just follow package directions



Red X    Holes – Usually just one, better ones will have two maybe three


Red X   Feel – It won't feel "real" at all - if that's important to you


Red X   Pain – Cheap ones have seams that can scratch or cut


Red X   Price Gap – No mid-price range. Mostly cheap or really expensive.


Red X    Reputation – Aren’t any “reputable” manufacturers, must research for decent ones, better to see it in-person if possible







 This will be your safest best. If you go in person, you can at least check it out and pay attention to details you can't see online. Google search for sex shops near you.





The next step is more reputable online sellers like Adam & Eve. They at least have a guarantee and post far more product details. However, you'll still have to sift through the low-quality options.


Then there's


Webpage for Amiga Toy company that sells sex dolls


They have plenty of okay dolls on their site (and one of the few places I could find mid-priced options), but I still found many products that are penis torcher devices bought from places like







Inflatable sex doll with large breasts, open mouth, and stockings

Let's start with all the things that are wrong with "Hannah".


First, it says she has three holes, but they only show the mouth (barely).  


If you're going to buy any air dolls, make sure you can see the openings so you know what the seams are like and whether or not they will send you to the hospital. There's also no telling if a pussy sleeve will fit inside.


All of this pales in comparison to the disturbing excuse for a face.  It looks like something from a straight-to-video bachelor party movie or a Miley Cyrus concert, not something in bed with you.  What do I like about it? ... It's cheap as chips. If it dies after one use, you won't be out that much money. 





Clear, inflatable sex doll torsoClear, inflatable sex doll lower body with legs openCreepy, I know, but these are much better because they can accommodate a pussy sleeve.  


They are inexpensive, but you don't have to worry about scratching or scraping (although I can't speak on the quality of the sleeve, I'm guessing it's pretty porous).


I would go for something like this long before I would go for anything like we saw in the previous review, especially if you're on the fence about whether a blow-up doll right for you.


Clear, inflatable sex doll with realistic head attachedClear, inflatable, headless sex doll wearing a school girl uniform


Some people have managed to get over the transparency by finding ones with head attachments or throwing clothes on them.





Inflatable sex doll pillow with printed anime girlOnahole male masturbators that can fit inside inflatable sex dollsI have to say that these aren't that bad.


Fewer appendages mean fewer seams to rip and let out air. Also, the printing on them is super cute anime rather than a porn actress's image got stuck in the printer got smeared across the vinyl.  


But the number one selling point is they are MADE to fit any onahole you can get your hands on. THAT alone is worth the money. Plus, bunnies are friggin adorable. 





The Bed Kungfu girl is also okay.


Semi-realistic inflatble sex doll wearing a Japanese kimonoFifty bucks gets you more realistic appendages (although the nipples are funny as hell), and the vaginal sleeve can be taken out if you want to clean it fast.


I'll take off points for the fact that the thing looks like something out of a horror movie, a raspy voice telling you to, "open the gift on your front step."





I found this one on Amazon. I also found a pile of others that had the exact same pricing of 133.99 but from different sellers ... easy to see what's going on here. Can we say, "WHITE LABEL" boys and girls!


What you're paying for is the attempt at a realistic head, hands, and feet, as well as an air pump, sound generator, USB heated stick. 


Amazon screenshot of inflatable sex doll with semi-realistic head attachment


They did well with posting what the vaginal hole looks like, however, I wouldn't recommend it. Mostly because you can get a similar doll (like in the previous review) for cheaper.





One very valuable resource I stumbled upon was


This forum is a fountain of information: user experiences, scam sites to avoid, lists of more reputable sellers etc. Granted they focus mostly on things like silicone dolls, but there is a section for inflatables.


Close up of inflatable sex doll partsIt's there I stumbled across Lexi and Cayenne.  


They are made from PVC, ABS, and TPE. There is also an AA battery bullet vibrator included.


Users speak highly of them. they do, however, run you $160 or more. in Switzerland feels legit and they have a decent return policy. I also like the fact they steer away from low-quality products. 





Inflatable Judy and Idlea Husband inflatable sex dollsI threw these models in because you’ll definitely come across something like them in your searches. Keep in mind they are intended for NOVELTY USE ONLY. 


Judy (right image)  is what most people think when it comes to inflatable dolls – which is why they flinch at the idea of an air-filled friend.


However, they are just gag gifts, because everything is out of proportion and there are NO HOLES. Sellers even state this in the details. Save these for giggles at a party.





Chinese Products, Most Amazon, and 


Let's take a look at this model from Amazon.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the concept of a male doll (hey, us girls can have a little fun too). The vibrating dildo attachment is intriguing and the head/hands/feet are trying to be more realistic, but if we look closely at the picture...


Screenshot of Chinese company selling sex dolls on AmazonTake a look at the material list...


PVC and silica gel!


If that’s what the vibrator is made from, STAY AWAY. Even if it’s called “medical grade”, it’s not body safe and a flat out lie.  


Also, see what language it’s written in?  


This is where my research ended up taking me at nearly every turn, and it shouldn't be a surprise.


Companies want to make money, customers don't want to pay a lot, and China is currently one of the places that can churn out enough inexpensive product (in part, thanks to the embarrassingly low wages they give their workers).


Amazon sellers like K&L or XJBFL are most likely getting their stock from places like (the biggest digital wholesaler in China).


Therefore, in general, I advise most people to stay away from Amazon, if humanly possible (unless the seller is known and reputable).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


Have you found any decent blow-up dolls at a reasonable price? Have any useful information to share? Tell us in the comments!


And, if you're looking for more articles about male sex toys, you might like these:



Have a kinky-day,


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  1. Bhoopendra says:


  2. Alexandre Guiet says:

    Je préfere une vrai poupée en silicone

  3. GM says:

    Great article. Amazon is a gamble, except not really... you get what you pay for...

  4. Lee says:

    Inflatable sex dolls are always disappointing. I hate the TPE inserts and all the noise they make when we have sex. I bought a silicone doll from that feels much better so I’m going to start saving for a realdoll. All the TPE dolls are from China and not worth the risk!

  5. Ken says:

    I got an inflatable one last year from Adam & Eve and didnt like it. It had 3 holes but they were to small so I threw it out after trying to use it twice.

  6. Morgan says:

    Shop around, dont grab the first deal you find. camilla can be priced from $99 to $300 depending on what site you visit.

  7. Ed says:

    I like the dolls that had one hole that went straight through from front to back! The pressure from it squeezing you was great! I cannot find them anymore! The newer ones have separate pockets for front and back!

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