Sex and Colors – Learn What Hues Spark Passion and Which Kill It


Color associates are in every culture. White in some places can mean purity, but in others it can mean death and bad luck. But what about sex and colors? Here are some interesting tidbits that you might find interesting…




Apparently, purple will pack some sexual punch into your bedroom.

One study by Littlewoods found that out of 2000 people found that people who had purple bedding (by their choice)had about 3.49 sex sessions per week. The next friskiest colors were…

  • Red (3.18)
  • Sky blue (3.14)
  • Pink (3.02)
  • Black (2.99)

ASSOCIATIONS WITH PURPLE - Royal, trust, spirituality, highly sensitive, dignity, divination, inspiration, meditation, compassion, giving lovers, strong charisma, compassionate, lovers of detailed role play, enjoys all kinds of sex.




If purple is frisky, then grey it's the sexual opposite. It might look posh in your living room or kitchen but in the bedroom, the same Littlewood study showed that people who have this hue in their bedroom also have the least amount of sex (around 1.8 times a week).

ASSOCIATIONS WITH GREY: Neutrality, staleness, depression, lack of emotion, solid, stable, functional sex, conservative, self-sufficient




You would think that Red would be the ultimate winner – and it certainly ranks near the top. However,  a 2010 study by Dr. Beckmann says that red is a man’s least favorite undergarment color, whereas black was the general favorite. The funny thing? Most women buy red lingerie because they think their partner will like it.

ASSOCIATIONS WITH BLACK: Sophistication, elegance, seduction, mystery, sex, banishment, binding, protection, kinkiness, hidden charms, power play, wildness, power in general, shielding




Black might be what people like to see underneath the clothes, but at first glance, red is the attention grabber. It brings out the attraction in heterosexual men. People give larger tips to waitresses wearing red. If a woman is wearing it, they can also be seen as more sexually receptive by the opposite sex (whether they actually are or not). You’ll also get longer looks if you wear red lipstick.

ASSOCIATIONS WITH RED: Passion, energy, excitement, danger, speed, impulsive action, stimulation, assertiveness, aggression, strength, sex, attention, erotic, energizing, confidence, sexually charged




It’s often coupled with inner peace. Along with the other associations, blue represents sexual partners who like to “give” a lot in bed. They are sensitive to needs and like to build strong relationships. They can also go much deeper than just superficial lust levels.

ASSOCIATIONS WITH BLUE: Trust, reliability, belonging, coolness, tranquility, peace, calm, wisdom, justice, depression, understanding, patience, loyalty, sincerity, honor




Pink is all about unconditional love and intimacy. It’s a lustful red that is softened by white. It also might be a link to inexperience or naiveté – possibly intentional or just part of someone’s personality. People who love pink embrace their sensuality. Sex can be intense and wild but still deep. Since, when paired with stronger colors like black, it can be powerful in its own way (by cutting the strength of the bolder color).

ASSOCIATIONS WITH PINK: Soft, sweet, nurturance, security, tenderness, peace




Poor orange doesn’t make it to the list of favorite colors or personality matches, which is a shame. Orange is the cheerfulness of yellow but with zeal. There’s adventure there, in and out of the bedroom. There will be wonderful risk-taking mixed with and intuitive and assertive lover. Add in a bunch of foreplay and a dash of kink.

ASSOCIATIONS WITH ORANGE: Playfulness, warmth, vibrant, encouragement, luck, kindness, stimulation, optimism, abundance, success, independence, sensual




You might think red and black are wild. But so is yellow. People who commune deeply with this color are adventurous like orange. Think new positions, places, and toys. They do, however, need more sexual attention and variety.

ASSOCIATIONS WITH YELLOW: Warmth, cheer, happiness, vitality, change, progress, clarity, communicativeness, affirmation.




Green is the balance between yellow and blue – depth and spark. They tend to want deeper connections and commitments. They are a bit more on the cautious side and don’t like to take risks, but the counter that with being generous lovers and solid, dependable partners.

ASSOCIATIONS WITH GREEN: Nature, fresh, cool, growth, abundance, rejuvenation, recovery, healing, harmony, balance, peace, hope, jealousy, envy




White might look good on a sexy dress, but when it comes to having at your core personality, it’s a colder, simplistic color. There’s an innocence there, also youthfulness. However, that is countered by wanting perfection – not wanting to show imperfections, needing uncomplicated connection, partners, or marriages. This also goes for sex. They also might not be the best communicators when it comes to desires.

ASSOCIATIONS WITH WHITE: Pure, virginal, clean, youthful, mild, peace, truthfulness, enlightenment



  • Brown: Earthy, conservative, protective, constructive, hard-working
  • Copper/Bronze: Love, passion, friendship, sex
  • Gold: Prestige, expensive, elite, authority
  • Magenta: power, magnetism, spiritual power
  • Silver: Prestige, cold, scientific, stability
  • Turquoise: Intuitive, insightful, inventive, original, renewal, change
  • Too much color in the bedroom can be a turn-off.
  • Warm colors make your skin look healthier
  • Green, beige, flesh tones, and white are also lingerie colors to stay away from

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What is your favorite sexual color? Why? Share in the comments!


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