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Take a Peek at These 10 White Sex Toys

by Robyn

People can sometimes get sick of the same pink and black stuff out there. So, here is a list of white sex toys for anyone who wants to branch out in the hue department.

Satisfyer Sweet Temptation

I saw this one in a sex shop and tried it out (on my hand, pervs). The silicone is soft and the sensations are great for anyone who likes a lighter touch. It’s also cute AF.

” The Sweet Treat stimulates your clitoris and transports you into sensual ecstasy with its tickling rotations – you can choose between 11 different rotation programs. The Sweet Treat also has a lot to offer visually.”

iSex USB Bolas Kegel

I haven’t tried these, but the reviews look decent enough. It’s also nice to find ones that have a vibrating option.

However, keep in mind that kegel balls are often advertized to give you orgasms – which is untrue. They are exercise devices to help strengthen your pubic floor muscles and therefore make it possible to have better climaxes.

Shunga Body Paint

White chocolate – yummy! The brand is also fairly well-known and reliable.

Use it to get creative with foreplay. But remember, if you choose to make a homemade version, keep that sweet stuff away from your nether regions (you don’t want any yeast infections – ouch!) It’s also a good idea to keep any commercial products away from your vagoo anyways – just in case.

Svakom’s Hedy

Svakom is a company out of China, but a reliable one when it comes to quality.

This masturbation sleeve is small but very flexible. It can be used during masturbation or during oral sex. Also, the fact that is reusable for more than a Tenga egg is a huge bonus.

Doxy Wand

Doxy vibrating wands are right up there with Hitachi or Lovense Domi.

Many people who don’t like rechargeable toys, really like this one because it plugs in, therefore lasts a really long time, and won’t die in the middle of play. Well, technically it can – it has a built-in safety feature to make it turn off if it gets too hot. Still, worth the money.

I Rub My Kitty

If you’ve heard of the “I Rub My Duckie” toys, this vibe will make total sense.

“There’s nothing more endearing than cuddling with a warm Kitty. This graceful feline, with her elegant crystal choker and discrete vibrations, will keep you purring for hours to enjoy.”

Aneros MGX Trident

For those of you who’ve never tried a prostate massager before, warning, don’t buy an expensive one first! They have a tricky learning curve in the beginning. So, get a beginner-friendly one like the MGX.

“Aneros MGX Trident is a redesign of the Aneros original that launched the prostate toy market. It’s balanced size is excellent for beginners and those experienced in the pleasures of prostate orgasm.”

Tenga Flex

Tenga usually makes it on mosts lists because they’re simple but pleasurable. Think of a Fleshlight but without the hard case and far more interesting textures on the inside.

“This toy incorporates a satisfying internal suction effect that you can control by simply putting your finger over the hole to make masturbation more satisfying and enjoyable.”

Fat Boy Checker

There is NOTHING wrong with using a toy that adds girth or length! It can be a fun way to add variety to your sex life. While most sheaths are made from rubber, this one is silicone, so it’s automatically a winner.

“The Fat Boy is extremely comfortable, surprisingly easy to get on and off, and stays in place thanks to its closed tip and a thick loop that wraps around the base of the scrotum, which gives a pleasurable tug to a man’s balls during penetration or stroking.”

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

Satisfyer exploded onto the scene and made many ladies … well .. explode. And, an interesting fact, while the rest of the world was getting used to this kind of toy, in recent years, Spain had a second boom of interest for clit-sucking toys.

They’re fabulous! And if you want your partner to feel something too, this one is worth looking at.

Which of these would you give a whirl? Share in the comments!

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