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Essential Sex Toy Containers – Box Your Pleasure Properly

by Robyn
Satin chinese bags

At first, I didn’t think anything of “properly storing” my vibrators. After all, I only had one dildo and one wand. They each had their old silk baggie that stayed in my bedside table. However, after accumulating WAY more (thanks to my job), I found that I was not set up to house multiple pleasure sticks.

So, here are my suggestions (from personal experience) on what sex toy containers you should consider.


I hate it when toys don’t come with their own baggie. With all the mass production stuff coming out of China, satin or fake silk draw-string bags are pennies for the seller. They don’t even need a branding logo or anything. These are important because many toys are “dust magnets”. You still should clean them before each use, but the extra layer of protection is important.


Don’t throw away the boxes they come in! Unless of course it’s a really cheap one that barely made the journey to your front door. Soft dildos (with nothing electronic) can stay in a bag, but it’s better to store your vibrators and other devices in the storage container they came in. Yes, it might be a pain to grab when you’re feeling horny, but  (trust me), it’s worth it.

NOTE: If you have one or two favorites, take them out of their boxes, put them in a bag, and store them close by.


Toys (especially their batteries) need a cool(ish) dry place. I have mine organized in one part of my spare room closet, but I don’t have to worry about unexpected eyes finding them – nor do I care. An appropriately sized plastic bin (even a tool box) are perfect for general storage and keeping everything together.

It’s also key if you’re going to be dealing with MULTIPLE charging cables.


Some toys are great for travelling. Some are not. No matter what, make sure you have a box to store them in while it’s in your suitcase. You don’t want it accidentally turning on.


Maybe you like going to kink clubs and such. Maybe you want to bring stuff to play with. Clubs can be (and usually are) not that clean, especially once the night goes on and drinks/fluids end up in places. Have something you can easily put your toy(s) into while you walk around.


As an extra, I love things with extra compartments, especially if they are customizable. I have a sex machine that has a lot of parts. There’s a corresponding “suitcase” with foam cut-outs for every part. It’s perfect for lugging around. Sadly I can’t afford it yet.

Think about cords, batteries, extra parts, your warranty, whatever.


If you’re a bit more DIY, you could even sew a baggie or whatever suits your needs. I saw a really cool one that looked like a dark quilt material – it was sewn in long strips to insert canes, switches, and other long stick-items.

Any other storage ideas? Share in the comments!

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