Someone Made a Bug’s Life Fleshlight – And Is Charging Two Grand!

Bug’s Life – Pixar

So, let’s imagine you take a moderately priced sex toy, pull the pieces apart, paint the outside, and draw a face on the end … and then charge 2000 bucks for it.

Yeah, I had the same reaction you just did.

But if you think that’s all there is to the story, you’re wrong. Let’s look at the amusing details…

First, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Fleshlights, they are well-known masturbation sleeves that come in a variety of textures. They’re a tad expensive, but fairly decent quality. You can also get the ends in various molds (things like famous porn stars or even a monster mouth).

Second, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably old enough to remember Pixar’s Bug Life – an ant who tried to save his colony with a traveling circus. So, do you remember Heimlich?

Via mlazri Instagram

Yes, that cute little guy.

Well, an Austin-based artist,  Malek Lazri, looked at the shape of the Fleshlight case and figured his next project would be to turn the cartoon caterpillar into a sex toy.


  • The outer casing is just a regular Fleshlight one but painted
  • Then he made a clay casing of the inside and filled it with silicone
  • When that set he did another pouring of silicone for the final product
  • The face was made using permanent markers

After that, it was simply to put it on Craigslist and watch the money … roll … in. (not).

Here’s the description…

“This is it, the holy grail, one of 4 in existence. Never publicly released only given to a select few high ranking Pixar executives for personal use. 100% satisfaction guaranteed very light wear, gently used, do NOT SLEEP on this one folks!!!”

I think the immediate thing to discuss is the false advertising – Pixar did NOT make these nor hand them out to executives. But what about “light wear” and “gently used” – does that mean he tested it first?! But when you find out there’s no actual hole to stick your dick into, it becomes all the weirder.

He artist revealed in a Vice interview that he it’s not actually a collector’s item (duh), the idea came from a meme, and “I just thought it would be so great to make that a reality, to make it in real life” he said. “I put my own little spin on it.”

When asked if he was worried about Pixar getting involved with a cease and desist letter, he said, “I would love that,” he said, “just to receive that email would be great.”

Pixar has not commented on the situation, nor has the toy been sold.

If you look at it one way, it can sometimes be hard to grab an audience’s attention. It could be viewed as a sort of performance piece to draw people into his other art. It wouldn’t have been the first time someone’s done that. Or … it could just be another weird sex toy – god knows there are plenty of THOSE.

How much would you pay for a homemade toy like this? share in the comments!

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