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Reasons Online Daters Lie – Understanding But Not Acceptance

by Robyn
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Reasons online daters lie

If you’ve been on any of the online dating apps/sites, you know that lying is something you will encounter in nearly every exchange. We can list all the fibs that people have told us, but it’s also worth looking at the reasons WHY people’s noses grow so long.

Let’s start with one of the most common reasons…


I know what you’re thinking – they lie because they are cheating on someone. And there are plenty of skeezbags out (men and women alike) who mask the truth because they want to conceal their prowling from a partner. But, there are also other reasons that might make equal sense.

They might have a fake profile so they can catch their partner. They don’t want their friends to know their profile, or they have a life preference they haven’t make public yet. I’m no classifying anything as right or wrong … just that it exists.

Note: some people hide certain truths to protect themselves from scammers.


Many people aren’t confident with their appearance or other details of their lives. Filters and photoshop (and society’s unobtainable beauty standard) has made people’s expectations far too high and their confidence far too low. This can include things like kittenfishing.

The best advice? Show all your truths – 100% of them (yes, the full-body shot and no filtered face). I respect people far more when they say they are partnered and just want a sex fling. I might not swipe on them, but I at least respect them as humans.


Catfishing – yuck. And before you beat yourself up for feeling like you would fall for these fake profiles, keep in mind the people doing this are pros. They are aiming for money, good, or free jollies. Just be careful and don’t give them anything right off the bat (and never give them important stuff at all).


Lastly, and one of the hardest to comprehend, is the idea that liars do it because it’s entertaining. They conceal their identities as part of (what they think is) a harmless game. Being behind a digital wall, they are separated from any consequences and have no respect for other’s feelings and dignity.

For you, what’s the worst dating app lie you’ve encountered? Share in the comments.

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