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Sex Workers Reveal 6 of The Most Common Fantasy Requests

by Robyn

Huffington Post, of all places, decided to reach out to several sex workers and get their two cents on what us secret pervs most want – and I say “pervs” with love, from one freaky beast to another.


One escort shared how many men want to watch her have sex with another man. They’re not her boyfriend and she isn’t the client’s girl, but the fantasy is still there. The other counterpart is watching two women together.


Take the humiliation away and have three bodies getting their groove on. The sex workers say it’s a mix of single and married or people in a relationship. It’s one of the more grab-bag requests.


This one doesn’t really surprise me. Women can embrace their masculine energy in private or public far easier than men can seek out their feminine flow. There’s a lot of locked-in thinking and expectations about what “makes a man” so these ladies often find a staggering number of requests around forced feminization.

There’s also the humiliation and degradation aspect. However, when someone is consensually “forced” they can abandon any guilt of partaking … because they “didn’t have a choice.”

Speaking of forced…


“I got a lot of requests from men for scenes where they would be ‘forced’ to give oral sex to another man while I directed and watched,” one said.

“I think part of the eroticism is in the forbidden nature of the fantasy for men, who are often pushed into hyper-masculine toxic ideals, but often they hadn’t even considered they could experience this in a way that was affirming.”


If we stay along this same vein it shouldn’t be surprising that most role play scenes involve the woman being in an authoritative position – like teachers, bosses, doctors. There are also men trying to work out “unresolved tension or trauma” with a similar figure.


Even I lost track of the number of FinDommes and other style Dommes complain and refuse blackmail fantasies. The amount was staggering AND on a daily basis. The women that do agree say that many men love the feeling of being outsmarted and extorted. Keep in mind, though, that no real blackmail takes place.

Which of these would you want to try? Share in the comments!

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