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Man Finds X-Rated Business Card While Renovating

by Robyn
x-rated business card

Imagine you’re installing some new floor and you stumble upon a surprising piece of kinky history – or possibly a fantastically-conceived joke.

Either way, user “RichardAttenbruh” and his friend got some serious giggles on when they found an X-rated business card during renovations.

The male prostitute is called “Percy Long Prong.”

He’ll treat maidens gently, delight spinsters, and give extra attention to neglected married women. Oh, and widows are a “specialty”. The yellowed, stained card was filled (front AND back) with plenty of blushing details and a “service list” – one of which includes “womb stretching”.

An old X-Rated business card found under floorboards has gone viral -  Dublin's FM104

Personally, I’m wondering what the “bubble shake” is.

Anyway, the x-rated business card Imgur post got hundreds of comments. Most just loved it, many were intrigued, and a few wet blankets said because there was no contact information it must have been a joke card left behind (one example being a “rent-a-scandal” card that was slipped into Tutankhamen’s display case.

Here is a small, choice collection of comments that are well worth the read…

  • “Maidens treated gently, spinsters delighted.” That’s a male prostitute with class.
  • The card mentions Green Shield stamps. Green Shield stamps were a sales promotion program introduced in 1958.
  • Do not google what the services are … I lost my cookies doing that.
  • My bubble shake brings all the spinsters to the yard

Here are some detailed pic of the card. Take a long moment to read it all. It’s worth it.

As I said, I give zero fucks if this is legit or not. The time someone took to make and hide it … it’s totally worth the attention and admiration. Also, I have some ideas for some future renovations. Wink*

Which of these services would you dare to buy?

What “services” would you provide if you gave out this kind of card? Share in the comments!

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