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Strange Sex Practices Around The World

by Robyn

When it comes to strange sex practices, whether something is weird or not just comes down to personal preferences or cultural norms. Here are some from around the world that might make you giggle or cringe.

First Times In Colombia

It might have been common practice in the past but buying a guy’s first time still happens now. The dad takes the son to a hooker to have their first sexual encounter. Speaking as someone who’s dating a guy from there, it’s totally true.


If you think getting a hooker is out there, there is a small, rural farming village in Colombia that has found a way around the “no sex before marriage” rule.

Yep, sex with farm animals – specifically donkeys. Locals also believe that banking the animal will make them powerful in the sack as well as making their dongs bigger than normal. It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a “donkey show.”

Bride “Stealing”

strange sex practices

At first glance it might sound horrible, but in the Wodaabe tribe, it’s the woman who is in control of the event.

Every year the men dress up in makeup and costumes. They dance the “togu” in order to woo a potential partner – married or single. If a married woman likes what they see, they can run away with the new man and the tribe must recognize the union.

It probably keeps all husbands on their toes to keep their ladies happy.


In ancient Egypt, everyone believed that the god of creation, Atum, made the universe from his ejaculation – yep, he pulled the monkey and life was born.

To them, the Nile was a direct link or representation of this event. So, it was considered the duty of men to jerk off into the river to appease Atum and guarantee plentiful waters and therefore no droughts.  

Clothes In Ireland

There’s a small island off the coast of Ireland, Inis Beag that once took its Catholic rules to the extreme.

In the 9060s the church and locals believed that sex was just for procreation and should not be enjoyed by either participant – but to a radical extreme. They didn’t even allow French kissing or sexy touching – or even talking about it! On top of it all, women were not instructed about periods or menopause.

It went as far as clothing – underwear was only taken off in private under extrreme necessity and under the covers. Having sex was arranged by the parents. The husband and wife had to keep most of their clothes on and it had to be over as fast as possible.

It’s no surprise that there was a lot of accidental anal sex because no one knew what they were doing.

Lucky Sex

strange sex practices

In Indonesia, during the celebration of Pon, couples and singles hike up the Gungung Kemukus mountain.

The entire point of the festival is to hook up with a stranger in order to get good luck for the rest of the year. But that’s not all. They have to get down and dirty with the same person through all 7 celebrations for the luck to kick in.

Hawaii Gonads

This one took place during pre-contact Hawaii.

The people there saw genitals as sacred parts of the body and great ornaments. They were worshiped so deeply that there are places around the island that still have penises carved into the stone – which were totems to enhance fertility.

The men even went as far as giving their dicks their own name, which they would publicly sing and chant.

One Wife, Many Husbands

It’s understood that most cultures would frown on polyandry. However, in the Himalayas, it’s seen more as a practical way of living. Sure, it makes the notion of “one-in-a-million” seem a little less special, but the idea behind this way of life evolved because of how Himalayans must adapt to their environment. 

On this mountain range, there is very little land, and thus, very little room for many families. As a result, resources are limited, and it makes more sense for a single woman to have multiple husbands, versus the other way around.

So how do these relationships work exactly? 

One word: scheduling. Needs must be met, and every family carefully organizes how their time is spent, which husband tends to which job, and whose turn it is to lay with their wife. Sort of like a chore wheel, but with baser instincts lumped in as well.

STRANGE SEX PRACTICES – Young Learning From Old

An island in the South Pacific Ocean known as Mangaia, is famous because 13-year-old boys are supposed to have sex with women older and they teach them the tricks to please their partners.

Pit Apples

strange sex practices

In rural Austria, there’s a traditional dance the young ladies perform. The catch? They put apple slices in their armpits. Afterward, they go to a guy they’re interested in and offer a slice – which the man is meant to eat if he likes her too.

It shows that they love getting sexual pleasure from any part of her body.

Cambodia is famous for many things, including “love huts.”

Girls who turn of age will go in there and swap out many partners until she finds one that she likes. This person is considered her soul mate for life. What’s more, the family actually is the one that constructs the huts!

Sacred Love and Magic

In Haiti getting physical is a part of religious beliefs. People believe that having sex makes the goddess of love happy and showers their married life with peace and love.

Apart form this, strange black magic practices are too performed as a spiritual belief. All men and women take naked bath together under the waterfall which also includes sexual dance.

Temporary License

While Muslims practice some of the strict laws regarding sexual intercourse and relationships between men and women.

However, In Iran, a young couple can request a “temporary marriage”. They can pay for a short ceremony which includes a written contract that states the time for which they will be married. Once done they can live like husband-wife and do whatever they want.


Guajiro tribe of Columbia holds a ceremonial dance where people dance. Consider falling in love here the saying holds the literal meaning. If a woman is able to make a man trip, then they must have sex with each other.

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