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Guy Molests Car In Apartment Garage – The Public Asks For Help

by Robyn
man next to blue car

People in and around the Otylie Beniskova Building, in Skvrnany, Czech Republic, have been warned to keep an eye out on their cars.

Not because someone is stealing them.

Not because someone is trashing them.

No … because someone is having sex with them.

The guy deemed the “petrolhead” (as well as another name that I won’t glorify here), was caught on CCTV strolling into the garage, whipping it out, finishing his diddling, and then walking away like nothing happened.

The poor cobalt blue Skoda Octavia belonged to a man who also had a spot for his daughter’s car.

Only a few days later, the girl’s vehicle was … doused.  After that, is was a neighbor’s car.

However, it seems out of all the choices in the car brothel, the man in question liked the blue Skoda the best.

The only thing the residence have been able to do is to call the cops and tell everyone to be on the lookout.

As for the fetish, anyone who has an attraction to an inanimate object has “objectophillia.”

Now, before you think it’s just one crazy loon getting his jollies off around chrome, there have been several other stories about men who love their wheels.

There’s been everything from a man who proudly went on an interview (which you can see on YouTube) to tell the world how he fell in love at first sight with the “redhead” he saw at a resale auction. It even shows him lying under “him” while leaning up to kiss her bumper and saying “I love you”. It goes on to show how he loves to go to a lookout point to get intimate.

Although, I do say that this man gives more attention and love to his car than I’ve seen some people give to their actual human counterparts. LOL.

Any crazy car stories or experiences you want to add? Preferably legal, thank you.

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