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Lovense is a pair of sex toys that can be controlled by each other through the Internet. Named Max (for men) and Nora (for women), when one toy moves, the other reacts, bringing lovers a true pleasure connection.

What are the Lovense sex toys?

Max is the sex toy designed for men. Max reproduces the incredible sensation of a woman's vagina with a sex toy that provides an extremely realistic simulation of sexual intercourse.
Nora is a sex toy made for women of all ages and provides extremely enjoyable vibrations and rotations that duplicate the arousing feeling of a man's penis.

The Long Distance Love Solution

No matter how far apart you are these virtual Internet sex toys will make it seem like you are much closer. These unique, wireless Bluetooth cybersex love toys from Lovense will connect you to your lover/partner anytime you wish and anywhere that you happen to be.

Real Pleasure

The sensors in both Nora and Max control each other and interact with each other when you experience face-to-face video chat with the added bonus of a real-time touch experience that will take your virtual sex life and make it a reality.

How Max and Nora work?

Connect & Interact
You need an Internet connection in order to use our love toys. Both toys will then connect and communicate with each other through either your smart phone, your tablet or your computer. Once the connection is established they will begin to respond to each other.
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Lovense Product Generations

1st generation
Named Remote Pleasure, our first generation sex toy was introduced in 2009 with very limited controls using a mouse. Although limited, it was one of the most powerful sex toys of the time and could be controlled through a Skype connection as well as vibrate to music.
2nd generation
In 2011 we introduced iMan and iLady. They were our first sex toys that connected the male and the female toys through a PC-based Internet connection and allowed the female toy to be controlled by the male.
3rd generation
In 2013 we introduced Lovense with state-of-the- art bidirectional controls. These two incredible toys both come with apps for today's smart phones. The male toy, Max, uses an air pump for pleasure while the female toy, Nora, uses the well-known rabbit design. Both of these designs are based on research that showed them to be the most powerful and enjoyable. Learn more >>

Our products have been sold in over 100 countries for the last 6 years. From 1st gen to the 3rd, we've greatly helped many couples in long distance relationships. It's time to improve your relationship now!

Lovense Video Intro
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