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Water-Based Lubricant An essential, silky-smooth addition to any intimate activity!

Suitable for Any Intimate Activity!

  • Anal Use
  • Vaginal Use
  • Oral Use
  • Silicone & Latex Use

Whether it's sex toy, anal, or vaginal play, Lovense Water-Based
Lubricant is designed for pleasure and comfort without being sticky or tacky.
It's also condom friendly and can be used during a sensual massage.

The Perfect Bedmate For Any Sex Toy!

Recommended with:

  • Fragrance-Free

  • Nonstaining

  • pH-Balanced

  • Easy to Clean

Our water-based, easy-to-clean lubricant is soft, moisturizing
and long-lasting.

Carefully Chosen Ingredients!

Hypoallergenic Paraben-Free Glycerin-Free

The best ingredients were used to create a hypoallergenic product.
No glycerine (which might lead to bacterial growth and yeast infections) and no parabens
(hormone interference and cancer risks) were used in the formula!

What's included:
  • (1) Water-Based Lubricant (100 ml)
Lush 2 by Lovense packaging.

Special Offer when Buying Any Toy

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Lovense Water-Based Lubricant

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