14 Sex Toy Myths You Must Read - Your Genitals Will Thank You

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1. They’re only for single people.

The image of the lonely man or woman turning to a sex toy isn’t the case. Your relationship status has nothing to do with what, how, or when you get busy with adult products. In fact, a mother-trucking load of people use them. I know there’s a proper statistic in there … but I’m lazy and you can Google it if you really want.


2. Sex toys mean the spark is gone.

This one is nearly as bad as the “single” one. In fact, the opposite is true. Couples (or even thruples, etc.) find sex toys exciting and a way to add excitement and experimentation to an already revving engine.


3. They’re embarrassing to buy.

That might have been the case years ago, or when you buy your first one, but sex shops now are not the dingy hole-in-the-walls they used to be. Some are downright boutique-Y I went to one in China that felt like an Apple store. Another in Japan was jam packed with locals and tourists filling their baskets.


4. If a woman needs a toy for an orgasm, something is wrong.

Naw – they only make the orgasm faster. Also, keep in mind that there are many other reasons for needing/using a vibe. Maybe life is stressful and you just want self-pleasure quickly. Maybe there are medical reasons that the normal strides don’t work. No matter what, there is nothing wrong with you ladies!


5. Any toy can be an anal toy.

No… no no no no! I get it, if you like bum play there might be size, shape, or texture in your local hardware store, grocery market, or flea market that is intriguing, but that doesn't mean it goes up the bum.


The basic rule of anal toys … they MUST have a flared base, so nothing gets lost up there – and yes, things TOTALLY can. Just ask any emergency room doctor. Plus, if you think there isn’t something out there for your particular fetish or desire, you obviously don’t know the sex toy industry and haven’t been looking hard enough.


6. Test with the tip of your nose.

Eh, this one isn’t exactly wrong, per se. It’s just the sensitivity of the nose is not the same as the clit. Plus there are rumbly vs. buzzy vibrations to choose from that might not translate on your honker.


7. only for orgasms.

You’ve heard of foreplay, right? Then there is teasing and edging. You don’t have to come *heehee* full circle to find a sex toy pleasurable or worth your time.


8. Only use them while alone.

This isn’t a dirty little secret – unless you’re parents or roommates are ultra-prudes. I’m also saying you should NOT take them out in the general public. What I mean is the idea of a sex toy used to be something you would do on your own. This doesn’t have to be the case.


Playing with a toy while your partner is there, can be very hot. There are even toys that you can use while out and about – just make sure you aren’t anywhere that has people who can see, overhear, and cannot consent to watch your orgasmic reactions.


9. Using anal toys makes you gay.

Nu-uh. Using anal toys means you are human and have a bum. That’s it. There is the same plethora of nerve endings in that area no matter if your straight, bi, gay, etc.


10. They desensitize you.

Only if you put numbing cream on your body. Other than that, good old science has shown us that playing with our nether region is not going to cut off feeling. In fact, masturbation actually is good for you (blood flow and all).


11. They will replace humans.

Pffft. No. Skynet will. Until then we are totally fine. Your girlfriend’s dildo is not going to replace you. A sex toy can’t cuddle, tell you they love you, cook breakfast with you, listen to you complain about Debby at work, or watch Netflix while holding your hand.


12. All you need is sex toy cleaner.

Ahhhh. Triggered! Please, wash your toys before and after each use with warm water and mild soap (or in the case of some masturbation sleeves, only water). Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and care as well as store. Sex toy cleaner is only when your restricted – like in clubs, etc.


13. They will ruin your vagina.

The human body is wonderfully elastic in some areas. Also, babies come out of there and things go back to normal pretty fast. There are issues with the vagina that could cause weakness in the pelvic floor – but there are products (often marketed as sex toys) that help that. (Kegel Balls).


14. Wood and glass are dangerous.

A well-made glass and wood toy can be perfectly safe. Even “meh” level glass toys won’t break inside you. Make sure they don’t have any thin/weak points and are not hollow. Or, just use stainless steel instead (if you’re super paranoid).


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


What other sex toy myths have you heard? Share in the comments.

Have a safe and sexy day!


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Comments (2)

  1. Jared says:

    sure toys can’t replace you when it comes to emotional side of sex. But they can definitely replace you physically. A guy with an average penis can not compete with a huge dildo. Guys can’t last as long as a dildo. Guys don’t vibrate. Guys can’t make women orgasm as quick or frequently as a toy.

    1. sophie to Jared says:

      yeah but like if the toy is in your hand, thats still you making her come, at least in my book. and a climax then a ride is pretty fun

    1. Slamminpussy to Jared says:

      Yet we girls always prefer the feel of skin on skin. Imagine a cold plastic pussy versus a warm real pussy if you’re wondering why we don’t prefer dildos. We just need some help with the vibrations on the clit but nothing feels as good as a dick inside, even a smallish one.

  2. Gem says:

    Im still terrified of trying a glass toy! lol

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