What Is Edging? How To Delay The Big O for an Even Better One





Simply put, it’s stopping right at the cusp or “edge” of an orgasm and not letting yourself climax. Then, you allow your body to come down and start the stimulation cycle again until you reach the figurative edge. How often you bring you or your partner back and forth is up to you.




EXCITEMENT: This is the first stage – the one where you feel all warm, shaking, flushed, hard, and wet.


PLATEAU: The pleasure and excitement grow until it nears its peak. In edging, this is where you would stop stimulation and bring yourself back and forth to this point as much as you want (or can stand).


ORGASM: Your body reacts, muscles tense, bodily fluids gush, happy chemicals release and you fall over like a twitching bunny.


RESOLUTION: Your body drops back to its normal state and you are unable to orgasm for a certain period of time. How long depends on the person, age, health, etc.




Yes, you can edge yourself. Aside from your own pleasure, it makes you more skilled, receptive, and empathetic to a partner if you’ll be doing it on them.


How you do it is just a matter of how you usually masturbate. Stimulate yourself (mentally, physically) as you usually would, but stop just before you come. After, either stop all touching all together or slow it down. Some men find squeezing the head of their penis useful. Again, this depends on your body and what works best for you.


Wait around 30 seconds (this time could be longer or shorter if you need) and then try again. Up and down you go until you decide to orgasm. Beginners can aim for 3 rounds and go from there.


NOTE: If you find you have a particularly sensitive section on your genitals, you can focus on that area for edging.




It can be through oral sex, hand stimulation, or intercourse – but the cycle is the same as if you were doing it solo. The BIG difference is COMMUNICATION. You and your partner will have to talk or signal your way through things. Also, if you’re doing it as a tease and denial play session, the receiver might want to explode but the “top” might want to keep the rollercoaster going – which still involves communication.


If you’re not able to form full sentences during the event, you can adapt a BDSM technique using the traffic light system. Green = keep going, Yellow = nearing edge, Red = stop.




  • It helps you know/learn your body better


  • It can build sexual confidence


  • It’s a learning process. Don’t worry if it’s “hit or miss” at the start.


  • Remember, it’s not a race. It’s a marathon. Edging takes a while and should not be rushed – rather, enjoyed.


  • It can help people who ejaculate too quickly.


  • It can lead to stronger, better orgasms.


  • It will have no impact on fertility.


  • You can add other forms of stimulation, like porn or sex toys. Some sex toys can be programmable to fit whatever low, medium, or highs you prefer.



Check out some amazing sex toys HERE.



  • Never force someone to edge – it must be consensual.


  • It puts less pressure on “traditional” sexual performance.


  • You might experience a “half or disappearing” orgasm – where you barely feel anything. This is okay and happens sometimes. There are no harmful effects from this.


  • You might experience a “dry” orgasm where nothing comes out. Again, no need for concern unless this happens frequently. Then, you might want to try a normal orgasm or talk to a doctor.


  • You might experience blue balls, but there are no harmful effects.


  • Don’t link your sexual potency or entire sexual self-image around this practice. It adds spice to your life. That’s all.


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Anyone out there practice edging? Any other advice you want to throw in? Share in the comments!


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Have a sexy day!



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