Terrifying Sex Injuries That People Decided It Was A Good Idea To Share

The world of doctors and social media has given us a plethora of emergency room experiences and "friend stories". Here are some to entertain you ...
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Normal Advent Calendars Turned Kinky – Xmas Gifts Made Naughty

One way to become a kink-gift-pro is to think outside the box. This comes in handy especially around birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. So, today’s ...
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Weird Ways People Try To Get Pregnant

People will do anything to get pregnant. Here are some examples... RAISED LEGS This, by far, is the number one “it will get us pregnant” ...
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Travel And Porn – Couple Gets Paid To Tour The World And Have Sex

  It’s everyone’s dream to quit their boring nine to five and live their dreams. For Kim and Paulo they did just that – but ...
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My OKCupid Journey Part One – Things I Hate About Photos

  I recently took the plunge and decided to try out one of the dating apps. It was a very “meh, fuck it” moment. So, ...
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Cold Feet And Orgasms – There’s A Physical Reasons You’re Having Big O Problems

There are plenty of jokes about the “unattractiveness” of men wear socks while they get down and dirty, but it turns out there’s a little ...
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Asexual flag

15 Asexual Myths That Need To Be Cleared Up Right Now

The last few decades, sexuality has taken another enormous leap into the spotlight. Aside from old conceptions and discrimination, there are also a lot of ...
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Chapel of bones

5 Scary Places To Have Sex During Halloween, If You Dare

If the idea of boring graveyard or homemade haunted houses doesn’t quite ring your bell, here are some places that are haunted as hell. You ...
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Tongs holding cooked sausage.

Guy Gives Himself A Dangerous Infection By Masturbating

For doctors and nurses, any problem that walks through the emergency room door will be “business as usual” – granted, a few stories might make ...
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Bowl of cottage cheese.

What is Smegma – Learn About Dick and Clit Cheese

Any part of vaginal health involves take a regular peek around your ladybits to make sure everything is okay. However, sometimes you might spot some ...
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Classic painting of women bathing

Ways to Pamper and Worship Your Bad-Ass, Amazing, Sensual Inner Goddess

First, this is not a reference to “that book that shall never be named.” The idea of finding and pampering your inner goddess has been ...
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kiss here written on neck

Tips And Tricks on How to Hide a Hickey

High-neck shirts are great, but what if it’s hot outside? There are also more options for women than men. So, let’s take a look at ...
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