How Does the Original Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator Compare to Other Wands?

The magic wand is ICONIC, but is it the best? Yes, the power will turn you into a shivering or screaming pile of flesh. But ...
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Vibrating Anal Plugs – Detailed Buyer’s Guide and Useful Reviews

When we think of erogenous zones, most people will go for the big three. The anus, however, usually gets overlooked or downright turned away like ...
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21 Female Sex Toys – Essential Buyer’s Guide and Product Reviews

In this massive guide, we will look at the various types of female sex toys, how to care for them, warnings/dangers, and product reviews - ...
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Homemade Sex Toys – Easy DIY Kink Found Around The House

Don't reach for the vegetables just yet! Maybe you're just getting into sex toys and don't want to drop a wad of cash on something ...
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Anal Toys – A Huge Guide to Everything You Stick Up Your Bum

Even though anal play is still locked away in some bedrooms as a dirty little secret, more and more people are loosening up about the ...
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Prostate Massager Guide: Which Will Give You the Big O?

Prostate massagers are sex toys that let you go where few men have gone before… The "Super O"! A Super O is different from a ...
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9 Vibrating Panties – What You Need to Know Before You Buy

The hype around vibrating panties is a naughty night on the town while your partner tries to make you moan in inappropriate places. Sadly, many ...
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white fleshlight masturbator

The Magical Pocket Pussy – Big Guide to Masturbation Sleeves

There's nothing wrong with spending some time with your dominant hand, but sometimes it's nice to change things up. In this case, why not try ...
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10 G-Spot Vibrators – Which are Worth Your Money?

This elusive, little erogenous zone was first identified n the 1940's. Some claim it can make them orgasm like they're stuffed with fireworks or squirt ...
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Buzzy and Clean! Over 30 Essential Tips on How to Clean Sex Toys

Ever see black spots on your toy? Unless you’ve bought something with sparkles, chances are it’s mold. Use anything for anal play? Yep, you know ...
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How to Use a Dildo: Go From Average Moans to Atomic Groans

Buy a cheap one and stick it in. Not the best advice for … anything really, especially sex toys. Granted, it can be as simple ...
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10 Crazy Sex Toys You Can Never Unsee

Trust me, there’s a lot of strange out there - especially in the world of sex toys: baby Jesus butt plug, bacon lube or condoms, ...
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