Lovense Quake/Dolce Review – Is It Snug Enough?

Lovense has come out with yet another toy – Quake. I got my hands on it before it went on sale to the public so I could give it a whirl and see if it held its own against the other long line of sex products it will have to compete against.

PLEASE NOTE that Lovense has changed the name Quake to Dolce. So, for now, we’ll just use the original name.

Here’s what I found…


Quake is a wearable double vibrator.

The internal bulb is shaped similarly to Lush 3’s, with a bump to target the g-spot. It also has an external vibrator to target the g-spot.

The neck is adjustable – but more like Edge rather than previous generations of Lush. This means anyone can change the gap size so it suits their body and comfort levels better.

The toy, like everything else in the portfolio, can be linked through Bluetooth or the long-distance app. There are 10 pre-set vibration patterns but it can be an unlimited number through the app. Another nice feature is that the vibration levels are programmable, which means you can change the “low”, “med”, and “high” settings to whatever floats your boat – so power queens and gentle butterflies can all be happy.

Other specs:

  • Body-safe silicone casing
  • Waterproof
  • Must use water-based lube only
  • Standard 1-year warenty against manufaturer defects


I won’t get too much into packaging, because it’s pretty standard for the new Lovense line – a foam insert to hold the toy, guides, magnetic USB recharging cable, storage bag, and the toy.

The box came a bit worse for wear, but since I’ve had over a dozen deliveries from them and all of them came out perfect, I’m taking the damage as an anomaly. It also shows the packaging did its job in protecting the toy because it came out of the box fine.


As always, I started with the power levels.

I found them quite nice, but personally, I would want to change the medium and max levels setting to something stronger – but that’s just my pleasure preference.

The neck can be adjusted and when I pulled at it, there was similar resistance to Edge (which is good). This means I was able to adjust the toy to something that felt better to me. Oddly enough, I didn’t have to change it that much from what the company set it at.

NOTE: You really can’t adjust it while it’s inside you. You’ll have to go through the first-use process of inserting, taking it out, then making small changes until you find the sweet spot. But that only needs to be done once and you’ll be able to leave it there.

  • The buttons were placed well and I had no issues reaching them.

  • It felt bulkier than Lush because of the thicker neck and extra vibrator at the clit

  • I did a “long walk” around my house and was pleasently suprised. Unlike some other wearable toys, which eventually move out of place or just slip out (escpecially if there is lots of lube or things have got hot and slippery) this one stayed very much in place. This is a definite positive.

  • The over all feeling, however, was a little wierd as I was walking around.

  • The clit vibrator sat more to the top of my happy-bean than direclty on it, but I think that’s just my anantomy and how I had the toy adjusted. When I sat down, however, the toy presssed firmly on my clit and was pleasent as long as I didn’t squirm too much.

  • The app functions were like every other Lovense product, so I didn’t focus on that too much – more the physical aspects.

  • It was quiet as well, which makes it viable for consentual public play.

  • I think the real debate will come down to whether or not someone will prefer Quake over Lush.


I think this is a great addition to the Lovense collection.

However, I’m a bit torn when it comes to the wearability aspect, but that’s totally personal and other people might have a completely different opinion. I love the comfort of Lush 3 when I’m out and the thin neck, but it doesn’t stay in place as much as Quake. The extra clit vibrator is also extremely nice.

I think for me, I would love this for just bedroom play. It’s great for when I’m by myself, but I think it could be amazing if someone wanted to couple it with anal sex. It would be mind-blowing.

Would I recommend it?



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