How Does the Original Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator Compare to Other Wands?

The magic wand is ICONIC, but is it the best?

Yes, the power will turn you into a shivering or screaming pile of flesh.


Many companies have released their own wands – with more and more are coming out each year. Let’s look at some wand basics and a few of the more well-known models out there.

What you should look out for in a magic wand…


It’s true that when these were first a “thing”, you could only get the plug-in kind. It was mostly the limitation of the tech at the time (toy life being reliant on quickly draining batteries, recharging ports a zero-option, and compatibility with motors vs power sources). AKA, if you wanted a powerful wand, you needed a plug.


Now, that’s not the case. There are plenty of hardware solutions that will allow a wand to be powerful and cordless. 

That’s not to say that all cordless models are powerful, some skimp on materials for a cheaper toy. As long as it’s body safe, there’s nothing wrong with having a toy that doesn’t vibrate your fillings out. Some people aren’t power queens/kings after all. But just remember, you get what you pay for.


Since Hitachi came out with the wand first, you’ll find most choices for this brand (all third-party). However, some companies were smart and made their own wand but with the same head dimension as the Hitachi. 

These are some wands that have a 7.5-inch head (circumference): Original Hitachi Wand Vibrator, Doxy Wand, BodyWand, Lovehoney Mains Powered

Other sized wands also have attachments. The more unique the head size, the less chance it actually has an attachment you would want.

Want to learn more about attachments? Look here:

Magic Wand Attachments – Accessorise Your Sex Toys


If there’s one thing that made the Hitachi Magic Wand burst onto the sex toy scene … it was the POWER.

While it may not have been intended to be a sex toy, the motor gave some unbelievable sensations to anyone who dared bring it close to their private parts – and the word spread far and fast.

Unfortunately, not all wand vibrators are created equal. While some do match, and even beat, the Magic Wand’s power, there are plenty of imposters that are way less powerful.


Normally, there’s one size – large. Now, they come in all sizes.

In general, if you see one that is mini, it’s likely to be on the weaker side. A couple do stand out, though. 

The Tantus Rumble for being lightweight and the PalmPower and Desire by LoveHoney are quite powerful for the size… so there are options if you don’t want to bring such a large toy into bed.



I’m going to come right out and say it – the original Hitachi Magic Wand is not the best vibrator. It had a small hand in revolutionizing the bedroom and sex toys, and it will forever hold that medal. 

However, it was inevitable that other toys would appear that addressed the Hitachi’s flaws.

As mentioned before, it’s STRONG. Really, REALLY strong. 

Because of this, the huge, older tech motor makes it LOUD. You won’t even be able to use it in the bedroom without people knowing. I also know that some people don’t like loud noises when they’re trying to get freaky. Some don’t care. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but something to consider.

Second, it overheats like a mo-fo. Even the instructions recommend keeping it on for less than 20 minutes.  For those who like to use it for edging or just leaving it there while you explore the rest of your partner’s body, it might not be long enough. 

Next, there are only two speeds – low and rumbly then high and buzzy. With such strong innards, it would be better to have 5 or 6 speeds and slowly graduate up in intensity. Granted, you can buy a $20 attachment that lets you do this, but if you’re already spending 100+ on a toy, you might as well go for a different brand with better options.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t give the original a try (the attachments alone might be worth it, and I also own one). But just be aware of the great, big bear you’re buying.


Hitachi recently started manufacturing a new version of the wand. And it’s glorious!

NOTE: VIBRATEX’S name will be on the box. They are the company that bought the rights to sell the Magic Wand from Hitachi, so don’t worry.

It’s not without its issues, but we’ll get to that after. This thing is wireless, has lower speeds, and has a silicone head now. It’s also a bit quieter. Talk about listening to customer complaints- good job, Hitachi!  

There are two major downfalls with the updated Hitachi Magic Wand – the size and the time limit. This version actually auto-shuts off after 20 minutes – it’s better than leaving it on and overheating, but it’s still annoying (keep in mind you CAN turn it back on right after). It’s also still quite large to handle.

The other downside, at no fault to Hitachi or Vibratex, is there are a TON of fakes out there. The ongoing popularity of this toy has caused a bunch of small factories to copy the product. While it might be safe to get other sex toys from Amazon and eBay, do NOT get a magic wand from there. Best to get it from a reputable sex toy shop or directly from the maker’s website!

And therein lies the last issue – getting it from a reputable sex shop is costly.

It’s nearly double the price as the original magic wand! In most places, the rechargeable version will cost $150 or more!! Is it worth the money, well, I guess that’s up to you.


For far too long Britons, were left out of the Magic Wand experience. There were workarounds, but they weren’t particularly safe. That’s where Doxy came in.

They decided to create a wand that worked with the voltage output of the plugs in the UK… and they did a great job!

The thing is strong and rumbly – puts the Hitachi Magic Wand to shame. And it vibrates in all the right places – no vibration displacement/bleeding down the handle. Your hands will thank you =)

Not only have I used this fantastic toy many times, but I also got the tech department to cut one open, just to see what made this toy so strong (and freaking heavy). Here’s the inside:

As I said before, it had weight to it – that’s because of the aluminum (or cast iron – not sure, actually) head. Besides the extra weight compared to other toys, it also measures about 13 inches long. I

If an ergonomic and lightweight toy is what you want, best not to consider the Doxy. If you don’t mind those downsides, and the fact that it has a cord, put this wand on your shortlist!


I really love this wand vibrator. It’s mini, fairly quiet, lightweight and very powerful for its size.

It’s also super simple to use – just one button. Press down once to turn it on and then hold it down to increase the power. Its simplicity does create problems though. I regularly find that I overshoot the level I want. To go back, you have to turn it off and turn it back on – kind of annoying in the heat of the moment. I wish it had more than one button (two to scale things up and down). It would be SO much better.

One thing that is awesome about this wand is the removable silicone casing at the top. This means you can properly sanitize it without worrying about ruining the other parts of the toy. So, if you really wanted to, you could share it =)

Its unique head size means there won’t be many attachments, but they are available if that’s what you want.

One strange thing I noticed is on the lower levels – the handle shakes/vibrates a lot. It’s an issue with many other wands, but I’m a bit confused on why it happens with this one. On the highest level, the handle barely moves at all. It’s like the opposite of what I would expect. Strange, and a little annoying, but not really a dealbreaker.

Lastly, I really don’t like the cord. Why make it small and lightweight and then attach a cord?! The marketing of the toy makes it seems like it’s wireless, too! 

I guess that’s why it’s lightweight- because it has no battery. They did come out with a rechargeable version, but I haven’t gotten my hands on it. I’m not sure if the vibration power is the same as the cord-operated one, so I can’t recommend it with any kind of confidence. But, if you don’t mind the cord, and want a mini wand as opposed to the full-sized wands, you could give it a try.


I would sum up this toy in one word – Okay.

Not bad, not great. Just okay. They put a unique twist on the design. The actual toy, as well as the packaging, it quite good. It’s also made of silicone and ABS plastic, quite lightweight, and USB rechargeable (with no cord to worry about).

The button placement is also well thought out (it’s really annoying to accidentally hit a button and have your toy turn off mid-play). The head curve makes it easy for solo play, and the removable head makes clean up SO simple.

What surprised me, with all the great positives, was the lack of power. It didn’t blow my mind or my lower regions. It’s also not waterproof (hence the removable head).

I’m not saying don’t give it a fair shot. I’m just saying that power-lovers might not like it, while those who prefer more gentle sensations might love it.


I’m not even going to beat around the bush with this one — the f#$^ing toy vibrates in the wrong places! What the hell, LoveHoney?!

Most of the vibes are in the HANDLE. I don’t care if they are robust and rumbly. It numbs my hands before I can even finish. Low setting, high setting, firm grip, loose grip – it doesn’t matter.

And that sucks… I really wanted to love this toy. It’s made of nearly 100% silicone, fairly cheap at $84.99, wireless and it’s smaller than most wands. But I cannot get over the hand-numbing vibrations on the handle. Way to make what could be a possible great toy, a dud! Guess this is what happens when a retailer white-labels (puts their brand on existing products) from unknown manufacturers.


Ahh, LELO – people either love ’em or hate ’em.

With the recent price increases, it’s hard to recommend LELO toys (there’s usually a toy that will do the same job at nearly half the price)… but this one deserves to be reviewed, at least for its programming.

The SmartWand is powerful enough (just below Doxy) and has a really innovative feature – sense touch. Sense touch basically allows you to change the vibration level using pressure. The more pressure you put on the head, the more powerful the vibrations will get. It’s a pretty cool feature.

Another thing great about the Smart Wand is the curve. Compared to the Original Magic Wand, it’s much more ergonomic. The slight curve makes it more comfortable to use during solo play. However, for partner play, I feel that the shape doesn’t really make a difference – most positions you’ll use won’t see any benefit to the curve.

If you have $200 to spare, check it out.


Domi can onto the market in 2017. Being a late bloomer to the magic wand scene does come with benefits (specifically, having the current tech and enough consumer comparisons to know what people like and don’t like).

This wand is half the size of most competitors, but with the same amount of POWER. Not to mention it’s USB rechargeable and cordless.

It also has access to the Lovense app, which allows long-distance couples to control their partner’s toys even while countries apart. Then there is the Programmable option, where users can go into the app and set what vibration levels they want for low, medium, and high.

It’s 100% silicone with an ABS plastic ring that lets the flashing LED lights show through. I found this feature a little annoying, but apparently, it’s meant for video sessions (to show the toy is actually working). I’ve read that you can turn that feature off. So, no issues there.

It’s small, lightweight and perfect for travel. I highly recommend it. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Now, if you have your heart set on a magic wand vibrator, you have everything you need to know to make an informed purchase! AND, if there are any magic wands you think are worth looking at, share in the comments!

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