What is a Safe Word? Learn the Basics of Kink Communication

If you’re going to get into any sort of BDSM or general kink (anything from a simple blindfold to full-on leather, whips, and chains), it’s ...
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BDSM Restraints 101 – Hogtied and Happy for Beginners

I would have to say that restraints are in my top three BDSM kinks. That doesn’t mean, however, I love all restraints. Anything that bends ...
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What is BDSM? 6 Essential Concepts For Beginners

You're probably here because you've come across the term S&M and it freaks you out ... but not enough to run away. There might even ...
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50+ Raunchy Phrases – Beginner’s Guide on How to Talk Dirty

Going from the lips of an angel to the mouth of a sailor isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. But is the ability to ...
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Erotic Spanking – How to Properly Paddle That Posterior

For those of you who were brought up in a time or household where switches, belts, and wooden spoons were a common form of punishment, ...
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Sex Party Tips – Finding Sex Parties and What to Do There

Sex parties can be intimidating events. But this simple guide will navigate the sexy waters so you can sit back and enjoy. Despite what people ...
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