Yes,Sex Toys to Boost Your Long Distance Love

True to the word, sex toys are at times deemed as a no go zone. A territory meant for the brave and outgoing. Individuals that are yet to accept and incorporate toys…sex toys into the love making mix, particularly the vibrating penis will make them redundant as their lover will be happier to use the toy than the real thing. 


However, this notion is further from the truth. Sex toys are increasingly being used to enhance a couple’s experience in the bedroom, when they want to try something new and kinky. For a long distance relationship to remain firm, many couples are increasingly using sex toys.


Sex toys are not only limited to objects that are created to stick into a myriad of orifices. As a man, before you go out shouting that during your overseas stay, you will be replaced by a mechanical penis.


Ask around and you will be surprised to hear that no woman can ever compare a sex toy to the affection that is derived from touching the real thing and the body that comes with it… This means, as a man; you’ll still remain relevant in your lover’s life.


Sex toys make up the perfect add-on to a great sexual relationship and for that long period away from home, here are a few toys in the market that will help both women and men, not think about wondering elsewhere…



Perfect Vibrations


For the ignorant straight man, women receive two different kinds or orgasms. The first orgasm is accompanied by sounds such as “ooh, yeah, ooh, that’s the spot!” this is known as the clitoral orgasm. The other type of organism is usually accompanied by a “Holy Shit! I am coming” voice and is classified as a vaginal orgasm.


Having studied these two elements, the sex toy industry has come up with vibrators that help women and men (who swing that way) find vibrators that deliver double pleasure.


Technology has seen a number of vibrators use long lasting vibrators and any other technology to help the toy last longer….


If you or your significant other is being deployed, it is advised to incorporate this toy into your sexual life before going abroad and let the user think about you while using the toy and no matter the distance; they will have a great orgasm thanks to the toy and the thought about you!



So what is the perfect toy?


Before packing up your bags and leaving, buy her/him the Acuvibe Massager, it’s a firm rubber artillery piece that has been designed with two-speed vibrators guaranteed to give her the bang of her life. Use it on her and every time she uses it, she will be thinking of no one else but you…


Dildo a Woman’s Answer to Her Prayers


In most instances, a dildo will resemble a man’s penis. They also come in different colours. Get your woman this lovely gift and let her use it as she thinks of you.


So what is the Ideal Inch toy?


To be honest, people are different. There are those that hold the belief that the bigger and longer the thing, the more satisfaction is delivered. However, this is not always the case. Work with your significant other and buy her the correct size that reminds her of you.


To sustain a long distance relationship, sex toys are a necessary addition. The more you warm up to sex toys the more you will refrain from urges of finding another partner. Furthermore, the idea of toys reminds you of your one and true love and you are guaranteed of sexual satisfaction….

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