The Four Best Gifts You Can Give Your Online Lover

Even with the holidays over it’s more and more difficult to select hot gifts for your online lover.


What’s an appropriate gift to give? What gift will they actually appreciate and use?


And most importantly, what type of gift will enhance your relationship, and strengthen your bond?


If you’re looking to get the perfect gift for your online lover, this is a comprehensive list and will be sure to give you some awesome brainstorming ideas to start out with.


Online Lover Gift Idea # 1 – Long Distance Sex Toy 


Cybersex and the market of sex toys has had some awesome inventions and discoveries over the last few years.  Not just any sex toys though, “Long Distance” sex toys are the best sex toys for long distance relationships, and the technology allows you to “react real time” with your lover, as if you were in the same room with one another. For more information, and to learn why these are the BEST sex toys, click here.


One of the HOTTEST gifts you can ever give your lover is an intimate, long distance sex toy. These brand of toys offer “Real Time Interaction” and are among the best methods to have awesome, fulfilling, and intimate cybersex that was never before possible.


Online Lover Gift Idea # 2 – Face to Face “Private Chat”


If there’s one thing you need to trust about gifting an online lover, is that the most prized gift will always be personal one on one private time via video chat. Having face time is important to any relationship, and the ability to interact intimately while being 100% private and secure, is one of the best gifts you can ever give to your cybersex or online distance lover.


The app that’s recommended for everyone in an online distance relationship can be checked out here.


Online Lover Gift Idea # 3 – Virtual Lap Dance


Who says you have to visit a club to get a lapdance? And who says ONLY GUYS like lapdances? The power of this video app comes in its ability to seamlessly connect via video with your partner, regardless of where they are in the world. The connection is secure, fast, and private; so you never have to worry about someone else spying on your intimate relationships.


Putting on a show for your long distance lover has never been this easy, and its practicality is at an all-time high. The only thing required? Is your confidence, and this app.


Online Lover Gift Idea # 4 – a Physical Portrait


Sending your online lover a physical portrait is one of the best gifts you can give, because it’s something physical and something they can remember you by.


Another thing that you should love about a physical portrait, is that it shows thought, helps BUILD your relationship, and can increase the intimacy and levity your partner receives when thinking about you, regardless of how far away they may be.

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