Taking Erotic Selfies

We have previously looked at how guys can take selfies for their absent girlfriends.  Now we will reverse roles and look at some tips for girls on how to tantalise their absent partner with erotic selfies.


Enhance your best features


Get yourself ready for the snap and make sure that you make the most of what you have got:


Use heavy make up, particularly give yourself luscious lips, dark eyes and thick lashes.

Give your hair as much volume as you can – tousled hair looks much more erotic than a perfect hair style.

Groom yourself – clean shaven/waxed legs and bikini line are a must as things like this always show up on camera .


Decide what to wear


Wearing something is much more erotic than wearing nothing.  How much you show is up to you but you should consider that all classic pin up shots are about teasing rather than full nudity.  Pick your best underwear or go out and splash out on some new that he has never seen you in.  Tight is the keyword here, panties need to fit snugly so boy shorts or thongs are great.  With bra's used push up of balconette to enhance what you have.  And what guy cannot resist a pair of stockings!

You can also consider other accessories to enhance the picture.  Try glasses or one of his shirts and ties, mini skirts or even a simple bed sheet.  These shots will work best with a little left to the imagination.


Set the scene


Make sure where you are taking the picture is clean and clutter free.  Nothing in the background you do not want to be and examine each shot before you send it.


Be comfortable


Any nerves will transfer to the picture so relax, have a glass of wine and put on some mood music.  Maybe a long soak in the bath and most of all get some privacy so you don't get disturbed.


Pose like a porn star


OK, these poses will really enhance what you have, just three little tips to transform your pictures.  


Make an s curve – arch your back as much as you can so that you ass is push back and your tits forward – this will give you the best hour glass profile possible.

Keep your chin up – the higher your chine, the longer and slimmer your neck will look

Throw your shoulders back  - this will make you breasts look at their best!




Like I said earlier – a little mystery is best so shots with your bra strap coming down or your thumb in the waist band of your panties are very much your friend – do not neglect them.


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