Nipple Clamps 101 - Buyer's Guide and Product Reviews

Alligator nipple clamps with bells


Pleasurable sensations to the nipples are processed in the same area of the brain as vaginal or clitoral pleasure. And, while we go out and splurge on dildos or vibrators, our nipples end up forgotten.


Using nipple clamps doesn’t have to be something out of hardcore BDSM porn (unless you want them to). They can be dainty, delicate, and gentle.


First, figure out what kind of clamps will work best for you.





SEPARATED OR CONNECTED – Clamps will either come connected with a chain or separate. Not right or wrong choice here, but chains add a little something extra…


CHAINS – Their function is twofold. First, they add weight to the clamps. Second, they create extra movement. Each of these adds extra stimulation. They can also be really pretty.


WEIGHTS – they function similar to chains but they can add more weight and pull.





Example of alligator nipple clampsAlso called Crocodile Clamps. Some love the adjustability of the screws, while others find them cumbersome. Personally, I haven’t found any issues with them. However, they’re not as “stylish” as the tweezer variety.





Example of tweezer style nipple clampsThese bad boys are really adjustable – just move the ring closer to the clamps for something tighter or further away for a mild squeeze.


Good for beginners to advanced users.





Example of nipple clamps with bullet vibrators attachedThey’re usually alligator clamps but with a small vibrator attached to each end which adds even more stimulation. Fun but cumbersome and not practical for public use if you want to wear them under a shirt.





Stainless steel magnet clampsThese aren't really for beginners - since there's no way to adjust the pressure (this also depends on how strong the magnets are).


I’m told they have a pretty strong pinch to them.





Example of clover nipple clampsPulling down on the chains changes the pressure from moderate upwards.


If the basic pressure is too much for you, best not to use them, because you can’t dial them down, only up. Better for intermediate and up.





There’s not that much in the way of suggestions. Other than the obvious aspects of comfort and circulation, there's...


  • If you have a metal allergy, be careful
  • Buy ones with rubber tips if you’re worried
  • Inspect any other attachments to make sure they’ll stay on
  • Beginners should get adjustable clamps
  • The average set costs around $20





Don’t put something on another person that you wouldn’t try yourself. You don’t have to wear them at max, but at least get a feel for them so you know what your partner will be feeling.


Also, the general consensus is that you shouldn’t wear them for more than 15 minutes at a time.






DISCLAIMER – Most of these I don’t own myself. I read through multiple reviews and am giving my two cents worth as a sex toy enthusiast.


Also, we won’t be looking at nipple loops or other kinds of breast jewelry. Just the kinds that squeeeeeze real good.





Ring nipple clamps with heart charmI don’t know why people complain about these being too tight – the word ADVANCED is right in the title. However, there are legitimate complaints that they lose their tightness after some uses, that the metal loses its integrity.


Since there’s no rubber to add friction, there’s going to be a greater chance of them falling off. They’re also bigger than many expected (mostly because buyers didn’t bother reading the measurements or looking at the photo of someone holding them.


Level - Advanced, Quality 3/5,  Clampiness 4/5,  Recommended 3/5, (link)





Pink vibrating nipple clampsI like the new style that strays away from normal clamps. Users like the material quality and found the vibes were acceptable. However many people didn’t like the adjuster and found they didn’t stay on that well. Considering the options out there, I wouldn’t break open my wallet for them.


Level - Beginners+, Quality 3/5, Clampiness 2/5, Recommended 2/5, (link)





Alligator nipple clamps with weightsEven if the clamps are rubber-ended and very adjustable, these are NOT for the faint of heart.


The attached weights come in a 108g and “will give a hearty tug”.


Level - Advanced, Quality 4/5, Clampiness 5/5,  Recommended 4/5, (link)





Metal magnet nipple clamps These are a bit suspect. Lovehoney reviews give it fairly high praise, while Amazon reviewers absolutely hate them and say they won’t stay clamped to save your


life. The magnets are a cool idea, and the bling is nice, but for forty bucks, I would find a way to check them out in person before buying.


Level - Intermediate+, Quality 2/5, Clampiness 3/5, Recommended 2/5, (link)





Tweezer nipple clamps with butterfly charmsI love these. Pretty and adjustable. The charms might be a little big if you prefer dainty things.


Apparently, you can also use them for clitoral decoration and stimulation – which would be interesting to try.


Another good one for those starting out with nipple play.


Beginners+, Quality 4/5, Level - Clampiness 4/5, Recommended 5/5, (link)





Tweezer nipple clamps with connecting string of fake pearlsAs someone who suffers from nickel allergies, and can’t buy most jewelry, I like that they make a point of telling you what the materials are.


But, if you have larger breasts I’m wondering how they’ll fit. Also, the pearls are just plastic, but what can you expect for the price.


Level - Beginners+, Quality 4/5, Clampiness 4/5, Recommended 5/5, (link)




Alligator nipple clamps with feather decorationsThese little guys are clamps that are far past bling. 


They’re also huge – which can be good or bad depending on preferences.


No major qualms to be had. Standard looking clamps. Reasonable price.


Level - Beginners+, Quality 4/5, Clampiness 4/5, Recommended 4/5, (link)





Alligator nipple clamps attached to penis strapClamps aren’t just for ladies. Men can enjoy them too. There are concerns if your man has tiny nipples and needs something that grips lighter (these will have to grab tight to stay on). The leather strap above the penis is a good idea to adjust for different torso sizes.


Level - Intermediate+, Quality 4/5, Clampiness 5/5, Recommended 5/5,  (link)





18k gold nipple clamps by Bentony VernonJust for giggles, let’s look at these luxury options … which will are 18k gold and will set you back $5,270.


They also say they’re adjustable (they had better be) and can be worn other places. I also like that they put the safety rules in their description.


If I were loaded, would I buy this? Meh, I’d prefer to have them gifted … and I certainly wouldn’t say no.


Level - Beginner+, Quality 5/5, Clampiness 5/5, Recommended 5/5, (link)


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


There you have it, nipple-clampy goodness. Good luck in your kinky shopping adventures! 


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Have a kinky day!


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