Kiiroo Hardware



A male masturbator which uses contracting rings and touch sensors to communicate with Pearl.


A vibrator which uses touch sensors to communicate with Onyx.


A male masturbator which uses a patent-pending air pump design to mimic contractions- uses an accelerometer to communicate with Nora.


A rabbit vibrator which rotates and vibrates- uses an accelerometer to understand the user's movements and communicate with Max.


A bullet vibrator with a strong and rumbly vibrator. Perfect for solo play, foreplay or discreet public play.

Kiiroo Software

Connect via smartphone or tablet
Connect via desktop or laptop
Solo Play with smartphone as remote
Long Distance Control
Two Way Interactivity
Intelligent Playback
Integrated with VR Porn Content

Kiiroo History


In 2014, Kiiroo made a splash into the sex toy market via their indiegogo campaign.

They marketed the campaign as, "The first social platform with an intimated touch." People can share what matters to them and select potential partners based on similarities in taste and overall life view. They were seeking $100,000, but only raised $35,756. That didn't stop them, though…

Inspired by the frustrations of his own long distance relationship, the founder experimented with sex tech since 2010.

In 2013, he launched the Lovense brand with the world's first two-way interactive long distance sex toys. From the beginning, the goal of Lovense was to help long distance couples be intimate regardless of the distance.