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Three kinds of gimp masks


It’s not Halloween, it’s bondage time!


Yep, today we are covering the basics of gimps masks aka. Bondage hoods.


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The word “gimp” in the BDSM world means someone who consensually submits themselves to be used as a sex toy rather than a sexual partner.


They wear full body, fitted suits that often include masks that cover the face and head.





We can break it down into two major groups – featureless face coverings or animal styles. Past these two groups, it depends on the style and purpose of play.


Black leather gimp masks, three different styles


The general idea is to dominate, depersonalize, and sexually objectify someone; however, you can also add other elements such as:


  • Sensory deprivation
  • Disorientation
  • Role Play
  • Breath play





Softer materials like rubber, latex, spandex, and darlexx have enough "give" that you can wear them comfortably. Leather and PVC, however, need to have adjustable straps OR be custom made for the wearer if you want a snug fit.


Keep in mind that most masks are a “one size fits MOST” sort of deal. Either that or they will specifically ask you for head measurements (like a good hat). Also, be careful that the eyes, mouth, and nose holes actually align properly.





Gimp mask that is also a wrestling maskThere are loops for whatever bondage you might want to do.


Straps and buckles can be for functional or just aesthetical purposes.


Some come with eye or mouth flaps (or zipper holes) to switch between sensory deprivation and having a bit more freedom.


Then there’s padding, animal hair, breathing holes, spikes, padlocks, creative stitching, funnel holes and plugs, gas mask attachments, or whatever else your kinky mind can come up with.





Right out of the gate, there’s the material. Each one will have its own benefits and drawbacks.


For example, latex can tear easily and some people have latex allergies. Leather is durable, but it’s going to cost you a lot more.


The biggest problem (and danger) is with anything that hinders breathing and therefore increases the risk of fatal asphyxiation (this is referring to masks that cover the mouth and have no proper breathing holes).


Woman wearing latex gimp mask with ring collarEven consensually (and the Dominant is very “experienced”) there are always risks. Kinksters need to go into any type of play educated and prepared.


It also goes without saying that newbies shouldn’t be playing with anything that covers the mouth.


I would recommend something that doesn't cover the mouth or eyes.





Each material has its own set of cleaning rules. Some only need mild soap and warm water. Others need special cleaning oils etc. 


Look to your seller, manufacturer, or package instructions on how to keep your bondage mask in good condition.  


If you want leather care tips and tricks, read this:

20+ Tips on How to Clean Leather - Keep Your BDSM Gear Shinning 








Woman wearing simple gimp mask, Bad Kitty HoodThis one is great for beginners because the spandex will fit comfortably and will be very easy to wash. There are also mouth and eye openings so you don’t have to worry about breathing or tripping.


This one is a tad expensive, but you can find cheaper ones.


Level – Beginner, Recommendation – 4, Gimpiness – 1, (link)





Perforated latex hood on male modelAt first glance, it looks sort of like a bug – not good, not bad, just buggy. Being latex, you’ll have to be more careful while taking it on and off so you don’t rip it.


Also, looking at it closer, there doesn’t seem to be holes over the mouth or nose. Instead, the perforations are on either side of the mouth. This will make breathing a lot harder. Not the best hood I’ve seen so far, but not terrible. 


Level – Intermediate+, Recommendation – 2, Gimpiness – 4, (link)




Uberkinky Hood with blindfold and mouth coverIt's not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.


The extra padding goes towards better sensory deprivation and the back straps (and corset-like weaving) will make it fit anyone.


I would love to get my hands on one to see the actual stitching and how well it holds up (which, for that price, it better take a good beating and stay together).


Don’t know if the tiny breathing hole will be enough though.


Level – Advanced+, Recommendation – 3, Gimpiness – 5, (link)





Canvas gimp mask with bunny earsThey advertise this as a Halloween mask, but I can totally see it for kink play (and you know people probably bought it for this). Construction seems to be mindful of anatomy vs. comfort vs. aesthetics (which is odd but refreshing compared to some of the crap you see on


It’s also one of the few I’ve seen that strayed away from traditional materials – there’s stretch acetate, canvas, and lace etc. Unlike the mass-produced yet overpriced stuff riddling online shops, I wouldn’t mind paying this much for a quality custom piece.


Level – Beginner, Recommendation – 5, Gimpiness – 4, (link)





Can Halloween accessories or non-kink versions of gimp masks be used in BDSM? Yes.


Halloween rubber gimp mask with spikesCan THIS mask be used in BDSM? Hell no.


This is a good example of what NOT to buy – there’s no mention of sizing or material (which looks like crappy TPE), and although the concept is cool, anything decent would cost you more than 18 bucks.


Don’t waste your money.


Level – Costume, Recommendation – 1, Gimpiness – 3, (link)





Latex gimp mask, no eye holes and red rubber mouth holeOk. Amazon has finally managed to not piss me off. Granted, this isn’t the best hood I’ve seen, but it’s not that bad that I would tear it to shreds in a review. Latex isn’t a cheap thing to get your hands on, so the price doesn’t surprise me.


The only thing that worries me is the mouth part and if air can get through (because the nose holes are small).


They get bonus points for the wide variety of color options AND the measurement references so you can get something that will properly fit.


  • A few people complained about the mouth condom being too long – that’s what scissors are for.


Level – Advanced, Recommendation – 3, Gimpiness – 5, (link)





Exlatex rubber hood, simple gimp maskYou would think this would be an affordable gimp mask option, but when you read the reviews, you find out that the eyes, nose, and mouth holes don’t line up with your body.


If it was only one part that was ill-aligned, it would be fine, but no amount of creative cutting will fix something that’s WAY off in so many places.


It’s a pretty easy-to-make mask that ended up a pretty big fail.


Level – Beginner, Recommendation – 1, Gimpiness – 4, (link)





Dog style gimp mask with zipper mouthI might not like the look of this mask (without the muzzle) but I love the concept. Throwing many play options together for added value is a plus in my book.


You can change it from a simple gimp mask to a puppyhood, complete with muzzle and ears.


Level – Intermediate+, Recommendation – 4, Gimpiness – 5,  (link)





Fetters strap face cage, strapped gimp maskI love this one. It might not be Hell Raiser but it has hints of it. The attachment option for blindfolds and bits is great - and considering it’s a second generation mask (that’s supposedly fixed some design flaws) you will be getting your money’s worth.


For those of you who cringe at the price tag, think of this as something akin to a luxury mask. 


Level – Intermediate+, Recommendation – 4, Gimpiness – 5,  (link)


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Have you found any great gimp masks? Maybe some bad ones we should avoid? share in the comments!


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Have a kinky day!



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