Mar 11, 2014 Starting a Long Distance Relationship

So, you met that special someone. Now what? To make a long distance relationship work you need to remember a few Fundamentals.


Talk on a REGULAR basis:


Long Distance or Face to Face, communication is extremely important to starting and maintaining a relationship. It can be on the phone, via text messaging/email or on video chat. By being connected in these ways it will help the two of you to feel as if you're in a true relationship. You need to figure out the best times to talk. This is especially important if you live in different time zones. Next establish some guidelines: how long you will talk or text and who will initiate the conversation.... more

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Mar 6, 2014 More Fulfilling Cybersex

Have you ever wished that the sexual satisfaction you get from a long distance relationship could be more fulfilling? You may just need to slowly coax your partner toward new things. The key to this is you both being relaxed and open minded. Being relaxed will lead to more enjoyable things, as you’ll soon find out. Read on to discover some of  little changes you can make with your partner to make him / her less inhibited and more willing to try new things with you.


By using video chat and cybersex toys these will lead to some really great feelings. You will each take turns directing the other through these little “exercises”. By doing this you will develop more trust for each other and hopefully open the doors for more exploration.... more

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Mar 3, 2014 How to Turn Your Partner on to a Fetish

So you have a fetish and you're wondering how to introduce this to your wife, girlfriend, or partner without being laughed out of the bedroom? It's an understandable query. As long as it’s not too intense I believe that in this article I can give you some proven strategies I have read about over the years that will help you to share a very personal part of your sexuality with the one you care about the most.


In every serious relationship you have, you should never encounter a problem incorporating a fetish into your lovemaking. Your success should come very easily if you create and follow a set of guidelines you set for yourself the very first time you decide to tell someone. Let's list them shall we?


1) Don't Be ... more


Feb 20, 2014 Teasing Your Partner

Teasing can be a fun thing to add to your relationship. Not only does it prolong your time together but will also create a more intense and fulfilling end. There are many ways to go about this.




When you’re together start with just talking about sex and then proceed to lick your lips, bite on the tip of your finger or undo a button on your blouse. Once you’ve got things going for a while then break out the toys.Each of you should take control for a while and bring the other close to climax then back off. To make this work you need to learn your partner’s body language and react to it. If they close their eyes and put their head back then it’s time to stop. ... more


Feb 15, 2014 Naughty but Discreet Public Photos



It’s my experience that every guy loves to see sexy pictures of his girl. Why not take it the extra step and have a friend take some naughty shots in public?  This will make your long distance partner even hotter to see you and they can be incorporated when using interactive toys. You don’t need to show too much skin or nudity. When it comes to a photo a little bit goes a long way. Let him see just enough to get the imagination going (lean forward and show him your cleavage, take an up the skirt panty shot etc.).


Another thing that will peek his curiosity is which one of your girlfriends took the pictures and did she enjoy doing it? In a good way this might open a ... more

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